Well, friend, it has been a 5-year run of wood embroidery here, and it was nothing short of amazing.  The support of customers, fellow business owners, retailers and followers has made littlegreenthings so much more than I ever dreamed it could be.  What started as just one experimental piece on a discarded table top from my neighbor's garbage went on to be a business and life I never saw coming, along with a means of expression that has fulfilled me in all the best ways.  But the pull toward the next means of expression is undeniable, and I'm heeding the call.  Production of all wood embroidery is officially over, and I'm in transition between what I've known and what I've yet to become.  Another business will be born, when the time is right.  And for right now I'm fulfilling on my dream to learn stop motion animation with a 100 day video project.  It's basically taking the ideas you've come to know me by and bringing them even more life, like a moving mantra.  You can follow the project on Instagram, Facebook or my YouTube channel.  Thank you, a bazillion million times over for making this journey of littlegreenthings what it was.  I hope we meet again for the next chapter.  (if you'd like to stay tuned, you can join my mailing list here)

reclaimed wood + yarn embroidery + handcrafted love =


this was made Just For You, by me.  it started with a piece of wood.  maybe a vintage cupboard door,
a worn wooden shelf, an aged section of wood flooring with a history we'll never know.
the holes were drilled, one by one, to form an image meant to inspire.  oil pastels were used next to add color and Bring Life.  with a needle and yarn, 
the holes were then connected, one intentional stitch at a time, revealing at last the "Ta-Da" Moment.  finally, a clear finish was applied
for protection from life's tougher elements.

xo  leah